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Sassy Mamas' Delectable Cupcakes TM                                        Northampton, Massachusetts 01060    

Due to the size of our operation, an order is a minimum of a dozen  
cupcakes of one flavor.  All of our cupcakes are created to order. We ask for 
3 days notice for small orders, 4 weeks notice  for large orders. 

Our Sassy Cupcakes contain alcohol but can be made without upon request.


Our most popular cupcake yet! Tequila and lime infused into a white cupcake topped with tequila lime buttercream frosting and a fresh slice of lime. The perfect combination of flavors for you to enjoy!

*ask about our gluten free option
Mint Julep
A great twist on the famous Kentucky Derby drink. A mint whipped cream in between layers of a Bourbon infused cupcake topped with a bourbon-mint chocolate sauce and fresh mint.

*ask about our gluten free option
Pink Champagne
Imagine you're on a tropical vacation when enjoying our cupcake version of the Mojito. A moist rum and lime flavored cupcake topped with a buttercream frosting and fresh mint.

*ask about our gluten free option
No special occasion is needed to enjoy champagne! Enjoy this light pink champagne cupcake topped with a champagne frosting. 

*ask about our gluten free option
Enjoy our delicious take on this traditional fruity cocktail. A scrumptious orange and coconut cupcake infused with orange vodka finished with an orange buttercream frosting.

​*ask about our gluten free option
Stay in and relax with friends while enjoying our vodka and kahlua infused cupcakes topped with a Kahlua buttercream frosting.

*ask about our gluten free option
White Russian
Gourmet Brownies, Cookies, Cupcakes, & Muffins
Our take on a classic cocktail. Enjoy a bourbon cherry jelly filled orange cupcake topped with bourbon buttercream, finished with a bourbon cherry. 

​*ask about our gluten free option
Old Fashioned